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Orb Crack Brush Zbrush Central

This is, by no means, my final wall, just a test to see what the overall look will look like. I really like the exaggerated cracks, which fit the stylised feel quite nicely. I used the Mask tool to slice a portion of the stones, and then the transpose tool to nudge it slightly. I also love the Orb Rock Detail brush created by Michael Vincente, for adding a subtle faceted feel to the stone wall facade.

Orb Crack Brush Zbrush Central

As shown in the image, I first got a very rough sketch to figure out what might work and where I would place the individual hair pieces. I approach this very recklessly and exaggerate a lot to help me visualize when I come in with the real sculpt. Each piece of hair needs to be placed mindfully and serve its purpose. That is the best way to ensure it will look clean as a whole. Lastly, I focused on making sure that the hair is well-polished. The hair is made of spheres using clay build up and dam standard, while hpolish and orb cracks brushes helped with the polishing.

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