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Breath Of Fire 1 Cheats Gba

This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Breath of Fire for Super NES. If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please click EDIT and add it.

Breath Of Fire 1 Cheats Gba

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i had the same crash and i didn't use any cheats while playing, also can you go into better detail about that one VBA cheat 030057F0:00 <- i entered it into the cheats thing and it looks like a valid cheat, but the crash is still there (i played through the crash with it enabled)

Sten: A once famous soldier of the monkey-like Highlander Tribe he now is a street performer and womanizer. Many times greedy and cowardly, Sten can also be very clever, quick-witted, and noble. He regains much his bravery after a series of events in his hometown. Sten is average in just about all areas. He has decent focus on physical attacks, but with slightly more focus on defense than Katt, but with less speed than her. He learns primarily fire spells and does average spell damage. He is the middle of the road character that you can use to round out a party. His special ability is the only way to get past certain areas in the game however.

The basic process of enabling cheats in the My Boy emulator is the same as for VBA since both use GameShark v3 as their base cheat engine. Open your ROM like you would when you play Pokémon FireRed and then tap the menu button in the top left corner.

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Yesterday I normally wrote some things here...but now they aren't here anymore. This is what it said: As I said one time we were going to sleep one night in school remember? Well that is today (yesterday by now). I'm chatting on my phone. Dang the mobile version of this site is so weird. We are playing SingStar...a game were yo have to sing...*double facepalm*. I tried it once. One of my many mistakes in life. I speak too quiet so the microphone didn't hear me that good. (Yeah that's the reason why I lost...I hope) My best friend is also reallllllly close with someone the whole class likes but me...I, my best friend, that guy I hate and some others were sleeping inside. Okay now it is getting complicated: On the left side of the building my best friend sleeps, right of him is were I sleep, then some other guy and down of my my arch-nemesis was sleeping. His name is Kjelt. Not the most normal name in the world. He comes from the Netherlands so that already makes him special. Literally everyone in my class thinks he is the most cool guy there is. Not me of course. He likes to make jokes, making pranks he also steals, punk and rock 'n roll dude but everyone still likes him. My best friend Shawn really likes him too (because he makes him laugh, unlike me). From the first to mid-second grade he wasn't in our class yet. That was the most fun years if my life. Then Kjelt comes in class and says: Hi, now you are in the same class as me :D...ugh. Every time when he is near Shawn, Shawn comes to him...while I am just alone sitting somewhere, and that happens a lot now. It's like he doesn't even know me anymore. Kjelt also brainwashed my best friend somehow. Usually he was a nice silent guy as me. But now...oh boy, he is being a Mini version of him. And that bugs me. Sometimes when he is with me and Kjelt isn't near him, he acts less Kjelt. Wich is good. But I'm worrying about the future, maybe he will be a full replica of him..oh yeah, Since the second grade I liked a girl ( a lot ). Some other girl (who is nice) asked me who I really really liked. I answered Anaïs. Earlier in octobor I found out that Anaïs already had I told that other nice girl. But since the vacation she became a couple with Kjelt...Kjelt also knew who i really really liked (Dx) so he said when he found out that she already had someone: Well, Billy has fucked up Shawn: What did he fucked up Kjelt: Well, ofcourse not Anaïs anymore! Shawn was laughing really hard. Then he got air to breath again from laughing. No, don't say that Kjelt :3 he said with some sort of smile on his face...well...Story of my life (by now)Billy-Luigi Time! 10:10, 5 November 2014 (EST) 041b061a72

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