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"Street of Dreams", previously known as "The Blues", is a pop-influenced piano ballad similar to "November Rain" and "The Garden" with influences from Elton John.[208][226][229] The song was noted as similar to the works of Queen.[214][228] On "If The World", Buckethead played a Flamenco guitar; it was described as having "an electronic funk slither", neo soul, nu-metal, and trip hop styles.[222][230] Keyboardist Chris Pitman stated of the song "It's about environmental decay in its futurist context."[231] Pitman primarily wrote the song on a 12 string guitar, stating "I just started with this riff that allows for a pretty cool vocals... I wrote the drums with a dub / reggae beat... added strings, piano, bass, echo guitar, synth and sub-bass. I gave the recordings to Axl and he added his part by singing in one night."[232] Rose described the writing of the song as a combination of James Bond and 70's Blaxploitation films, with an "intentionally cheesey sounding chorus" to parody James Bond music.[233]

Echo Sound Works Roses Production Suite [MULTiF...


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